Message from the Artistic Director

Why Baroque on period instruments? Baroque music is beautiful, its music that stirs the soul. It was loved when it was written in the 16 and 1700’s and it is just as loved today. This music is played on modern instruments and it is played on the original instruments from that day.

Per Sonatori came about through the curiosity of the musicians, wondering why we make the choices musically in performing this music and how it might have been in the baroque period. I say might have been since there clearly are no recordings from this time. All we have to help us with the interpretation of how we might interpret the music is clues in the written treatises from that time. So again there is no guarantee that this is just as they would have performed it. So we look through the past and try to understand what they were trying to give to their audiences and we create a concert based on historical learning with concert appeal.

The past 11 years have been informative as well as fantastically enjoyable. It has given us as musicians great delight to use our imaginative energies to create shows that reveal the mysteries of this period. We have enjoyed characterizing what might have been said by the composers and musicians of the baroque period. We have spend many hours pouring over scores creating our own interpretation and instrumentation based on the musicians we have here in our very own village of Regina. The music is seemingly endless we rarely repeat any pieces and there is so much more to discover and perform.

This year is no exception we are excited to be presenting you with three more concerts full of wonderful baroque music each concert with its own theme. The music will surprise and delight and you will take home something you may not have known or heard before. Amelia Borton has stepped up this year to the task of digging through the archives of to reveal many beautiful pieces that we are busy organizing into a concert setting.

Please come out and bring along people who have not had this type of concert experience before. We welcome new audience members to explore the beauty and intrigue of the baroque period.

Hope you fall in love with this years offerings as we have.

Tara Semple
Artistic Director, Per Sonatori