concerts_taraWelcome to Per Sonatori’s 10th Season

Per Sonatori celebrates 10 years of making beautiful baroque music. We continue to provide education and creativity through performance and entertainment. Delving into the rich history of baroque music and culture, we explore the way things used to be. Then we bring a sprinkling of creativity to bring this rich history to the stage.

Performing on historical instruments at baroque pitch lends itself to experiencing how the composer might have heard their music. Exploring the history that supports this music brings out many different ways of expressing this style of music in concert. Each concert has a unique flavour. We have opened our doors to include many different performers in our community. This year is no exception. We will be bringing a variety of guest singers to the stage this season as well as a special guest for our final concert.

We are pleased to be celebrating our 10th Anniversary Season. Come out and join us for our exciting programing and see what we have in store for this special season.

Artistic Director
Tara Semple