Per Sonatori performs with Fada Dance in The 12 Days of Christmas, December 2014.

About us

Per Sonatori is an ensemble of period-instrument players providing performances of music from the Baroque period to audiences in Regina and Southern Saskatchewan. The instruments on which the ensemble play are either authentic or copies of instruments from the Baroque period. As well as using period instruments, the ensemble uses historically informed performance practice techniques from the Baroque era. Historical performance practice is the study of the way music was originally performed. These practices include phrasing, articulation and even how the instruments are tuned.

Per Sonatori translates to “For Players”, a common indication in open-score compositions of the seventeeth century, inviting any group or combination of instrumentalists and/or singers to participate. Each concert may feature guest musicians or ensembles to join Per Sonatori.

Per Sonatori’s vision is to put Saskatchewan on the map as a home to a growing period instrument ensemble and to educate and engage the surrounding community and audiences with their unique and engaging approach to Baroque performance practice.

Per Sonatori awakens the creativity within, by inspiring and delighting audiences, through the art of musical expression. It accomplishes this mission through live, historically informed, professional performances of Baroque music. This is accomplished through study and research into musical sources of the past; through a creative, innovative and tactile concert series; including community outreach and musical education.

Our mandate is to provide an innovative, historically inspired concert series focusing on educational and engaging performances. Per Sonatori’s philosophy is to include professional development opportunities for our artists through performance and musical education. By engaging world class guest artists, we raise the level of performers in Saskatchewan; and, at the same time inspire our audiences with on stage performances.

As a professional baroque ensemble we want to share our knowledge of this era with the local community. Each guest artist performs outreach work with local schools and hosts master classes for more established performers.

A primary focus of our concert series is to include the local community in our performances. This may include working with community choirs, the University of Regina and Fada Youth Company, for example. Our outreach has included elementary schools, seniors’ residences and The University of Regina.

Music is the language we speak in our community and we are actively starting the conversation.