2014/15 Season: Now Performing with Universal Applause

now_performing_300pxAn all-English program featuring an opera by J.C. Smith: The Fairies

Saturday, April 25, 2015, 8:00 p.m. (pre-concert chat at 7:15 p.m.)
Knox-Metropolitan United Church
2340 Victoria Avenue

Tickets are available at Cobb Swanson Music and Bach & Beyond.
Adults: $25 / Students & Seniors: $20

Per Sonatori is partnering with the University of Regina to bring the music of J.C. Smith to life. Pauline Minevich did her doctoral thesis on an opera she had never heard, which was only in manuscript form. Pauline has put together this spectacular all English program.

The first half of the performance will feature two concertos — a Handel organ concerto performed on two organs, and a flute concerto by little known English composer Carl Friedrich Abel. Abel has written a beautiful flute concerto for which there is no published music. Thanks to the amazing world we live in, we have tracked the music down via the internet. Edward Beckett, from the UK, has kindly sent us the music, which he has copied from the scores. The second half of the program will contain excerpts from the Opera, The Fairies, by J.C. Smith. This opera will feature four solo singers, as well as a child, attired in costumes from the University drama department.

The orchestra, one of our largest to date, will include natural horn, baroque clarinet and, for the first time in our history, the trumpet. Pauline will also be doing a pre-concert chat, so our audience has the opportunity to learn the secrets of this amazing period of time.

The players & singers

Tara Semple Baroque, flute, recorders
Marie-Noelle Berthelet, Baroque flute, recorders
Pauline Minevich, Baroque clarinet

Rudy Sternadel, Baroque violin
Jeremy Buzash, Baroque violin
Jon Ward, Baroque viola
Amelia Borton, Baroque cello
Cassandra Loustel, Double Bass

Hart Godden, Harpsichord, Organ
Tanya Bergen, Portative Organ, Tympani

Miles Newman, Trumpet
Richard Burdick, Natural horn

Kerri Cornish-Morton, Soprano
Helen Pridmore, Soprano
Isabella Olmos, Soprano
Chad Stanton, Tenor
Jonathan Achtzehner, Countertenor, Bass

Russell Roberts, Actor
Dan Morton, Actor

Helen Pridmore, Stage Director