2014/15 Season: The Twelve Days of Christmas

12_days_300pxBaroque reflections on Christmas expressed through historical instruments and dance

Featuring The Fada Dance Youth Company with choreography by Dr. Ann Kipling Brown and Misty Wensel

Sunday, December 7, 2014, 3:30 p.m.
Knox-Metropolitan United Church
2340 Victoria Avenue

Tickets are available at Cobb Swanson Music and Bach & Beyond.
Adults: $25 / Students & Seniors: $20

Pre-concert lecture with Dr. Ann Kipling Brown and Dr. Barbara Reul

Baroque dance is an integral part of Baroque music, especially when performed at the French Royal Courts. The dance suite was extremely popular at this time and all the composers would have known how to dance a Minuet, a Hornpipe, a Sarabande.

In this concert we have partnered with Dr. Barbara Reul, from the University of Regina, to engage with the musicians on the historical style of the music, enhancing their ability to perform in a way that would reflect the style of the period.

Dr. Ann Kipling Brown, recently retired from the University of Regina, will be working with The Fada Dance Youth Company on Renaissance and Baroque pieces. They will perform with Per Sonatori – a wonderful educational experience for the young dancers. Dr. Kipling Brown will share stories based on her research of life in this time.

The show uses as its theme the popular carol, The Twelve days of Christmas, with ‘a partridge in a pear tree’ (solo cello), ‘5 gold rings’ (5 flutes) and ‘9 ladies dancing’ (9 ladies dancing). The finale will feature ‘12 drummers drumming,’ a contemporary work to Baroque music, created by Misty Wensel, taking the audience on a musical journey from the Renaissance to the Baroque to modern day. Please join us for this very exciting concert.

headshot_ann_kipling_brownAnn Kipling Brown, Ph.D. is Professor Emerita of the University of Regina having worked for many years in the Arts Education program in the Faculty of Education. She works extensively with children, youth and adults and leads classes in technique, composition, and notation. One of her dance passions is the research, performance and choreography of Renaissance and Baroque dance.